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Lipofectamine® Transfection Reagent is one of our first-generation, cationic-lipid transfection reagents formulated for the transfection of DNA into eukaryotic cells. Lipofectamine® Transfection Reagent is a trusted, value reagent with many years of cited use in thousands of publications and with many cell lines.

With Lipofectamine® Transfection Reagent, you'll get:

• A reagent proven to work in high-throughput applications
• A reliable reagent for establishing stable cell lines
• A reagent that works well with PLUS™ Reagent for higher protein expression

A proven technology
Our Lipofectamine®-brand reagents have been recognized as the most-cited transfection reagent family, with tens of thousands of citations since launch in 1993. Lipofectamine® Transfection Reagent is no exception as a trusted reagent for a wide range of cell lines. When used in combination with PLUS™ Reagent, Lipofectamine® Transfection Reagent has been shown to work well with cells such as BHK-21, NIH 3T3, COS-1, fibroblasts, keratinocytes, HT-29, MRC-5, and SK-BR3.

A "value" alternative for plasmid DNA
With such a legacy comes a commitment to providing the best reagents for all scientists and labs, regardless of their funding capabilities. Lipofectamine® Transfection Reagent is a value alternative for transfection of plasmid DNA into eukaryotic cells with a simplified protocol. For optimal results in a wider range of plasmid DNA transfection conditions, we recommend Lipofectamine® LTX Reagent, due to its optimal balance of potency & low-cytotoxicity. Lipofectamine® 2000 Transfection Reagent is recommended if you are transfecting a broad range of cell lines or want to transfect RNA.

[유통기한임박 60%] Lipofectamine™ Transfection Reagent

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