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Product Model: MiniT-1 / MiniT-3

Product Name: Biological Indicator Incubator


  • MiniT-1 / MiniT-3 Biological Indicator Incubator are designed for temperature incubation of the EO Biological Indicators. These are compact, tabletop incubator.


1. LCD display

2. MiniT-1 is with DC12V power
   MiniT-3 is with DC24V power 


3. Operating Temperature Range:
   MiniT-1: From 5°C above ambient to 80°C
   MiniT-3: From 5°C above ambient to 100°C


4. Time Range: 1min ~ 99h59min


5. Temp.Control Accuracy:  ≤±0.5°C


6. Display Accuracy: 0.1°C


7. Heating Time: < 6min  (from 20°C to 57°C)


8. Temp.Control Accurady @57°C: ≤±0.35°C


9. The Incubator haVE many wells for placement of the biological indicator vials and the wells can be custom-
   made. User can set the incubating temperature and time.

10. Material: Aluminium block

Biological Indicator Incubator / MiniT-1 / MiniT-3

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