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Product Model: Mini-6KC

Product Name: Centrifuge


  • 1. Mini-6KC Mini-Centrifuge is compact and cost effective, allowing any workstation to be equipped with a "personal" mini centrifuge.
    2. It includs 2 quick release interchangeable rotors, two speed options (4,000rpm & 6000rpm).
    3. The electronic brake can reach quick deceleration to reduce handling time.


1. Composite shell, shatter-resistant

2. The electronic braking system for rapid sample processing


3. Quick release rotor tub, allows for easy rotor exchange


4. Mini-6KC / Mini-6KS / Mini-6KT
Two speed options: 4,000 & 6,000rpm


5. include 2 quick release interchangeable rotors
--8x1.5/2.0ml tube rotor, --4 place PCR Strip rotor


6. 3-in-1 rotor design, high capacity and time-saving
--6x1.5/2.0ml tubes, --6x0.5ml tubes, --2-8x0.2ml PCR strip tubes

Centrifuge / Mini-6KC

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