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Product Model: TDH-500

Product Name: FISH Hybridization System


Programmable Temperature and Humidifying Controlled Slide FISH or ISH Hybridization System

1. TDH-500 Hybridization System provides an easy, safe, system for in-situ hybridization procedures. The programmable, open system automates the denaturation and hybridization steps in slide-based FISH procedures.

2. TDH-500 is easy to use and reduces hands-on time by more than 50% while ensuring overall precision and accuracy in all slide-based assays.


1. Touch screen allows for easy to read, program and use


2. it can run In-situ PCR experiments


3. Possibility to export cycles data via USB memory


4. Four operation modes: denaturation / hybridization,

hybridization fixed?temperature, custom, In-situ PCR


5. Can be used as a fixed temperature slide warmer


6. Rapid temperature warmp-up and accuracy of ±1°C


7. Superior temperature uniformity accross all slide positions


8. Perfect humidity control system

FISH Hybridization System / TDH-500

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