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Product Model: Nano-500

Product Name: Micro Spectrophotometer


  • The Nano-500 is an advanced model of Micro UV VIS Spectrophotometer based on Nano-300, with full range of wavelength (200-800nm). It is with an added new function of bacterium cell concentration measurement (OD600) in a cuvette. The Nano-500 only requires 0.5-2ul sample to measure nucleic acids, protein as quickly like Nano-300 do. Nano-500 come with a 7 inch touch screen and integranted Android operating system, with no computer required. It is an ideal equipment for a biology laboratory to make life science research more efficient.


1. Nano-500 is designed base on nano-300: 

A. To added the 0.05mm optical path length, and the highest detection concentration up to 15000ng/ul

B. To added the Fluorescence detection function, which can be used for accurate quantification of extremely low concentration nucleic acid with a lower limit of 0.5pg/µl

C. Automatic detect after put down the arm


2. The patented lifting motor structure makes the liquid column stretch more gentle, preventing the liquid column from breaking due to structural problems. In addition, the structure can effectively solve the instability of reading caused by high concentration sample, especially suitable for precise quantification of protein samples


3. Android system, 7-inch capacitive touch screen, intuitive APP software, simple and easy to use


4. To detect the concentration of bacteria and microorganism are more convenient with the OD600 function


5. With a 2048-Element linear CCD array detector, the detection and display can be completed in 6s


6. Equipped with HD touch screen, no need to connect computer.


7. Longer service life of optical component, intelligent identification of user usage. The light source will auto off after 5 minutes without any operation to extend service life


8. The result can be printed by a built-in printer or exported via USB for data analysis and storage

Micro Spectrophotometer / Nano-500

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