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Product Model: FlexA-200

Product Name: Microplate Reader and Washer


FlexA-200 is a UV/Vis micro-plate spectrophotometer offering free wavelength selection, so being an ideal tool for virtually any photometric research application, such as DNA, RNA, protein analysis and more It offers exceptional usability through its intuitive, user-friendly internal software and comprehensive ReaderIt-II Software. FlexA-200 microplate reader has been designed to deliver high performance and high quality results with minimal user effort, It measures 96-and 384-well plates and plate shaking motion is linear


1. 10 inch touch screen, and offers stand-alone operation, it is easy to use


Intuitive, user-friendly internal software on a 10 inch touch screen for quick measurements. Easy and logical assays setup for demanding assays with the powerful PC software (ReaderIt-II), the PC software can offer to analysis, review, validate data. It is easy access to data via USB interface and WIFI


2. Freely selectable wavelengths from 200 - 1000 nm for the demands of various assays


Wavelength selection in FlexA-200 is done by using an advanced monochromator system. Any wavelength between 200 to 1000nm can be selected at any time. Using the spectral scanning feature, the whole spectrum of a sample be scannedin 1nm increments to  allow identification of the optimal measurement wavelength for a new assay.


3.Both microplate reading for any throughput requirements


It measures 96-and 384-well plates


4.Flexibility and performance for various photometric applications


FlexA-200 microplate reader supports endpoint, kinetic and spectral scanning assays. It reads 96- and 384-well microplates with and without lids.A broad wavelength range with the UV area, pathlength correction as well as fast spectral scanning makes it an ideal tool for any photometric research application, including DNA, RNA and protein analysis

Microplate Reader and Washer / FlexA-200

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