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(D사 *AKO PEN 찾으시는 업체분들 연락주세요)

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PEN BLOCKER For Hydrophobic Barrier



[제품 특장점]

- 기존 PAP PEN의 경우 사용시 액체가 왈칵 쏟아지는 현상을 보완하여 사용하기 수월하게 만든 제품 입니다.  (영상참조: 꾹 꾹 여러번 눌러도 새는 현상이없습니다)


- TOLUENE FREE (톨루엔으로 만든 기존 제품들의 단종으로 인하여 본제품은 톨루엔이 들어가지 않은 제품입니다)

- 마르는 시간이 타사에 비해 현저히 빠릅니다.

- 액체가 머무는 DAMMING 높음. 


Product Introduction PEN BLOCKER HRP-001 is a special performing pen used for hydrophobic barriers on glass slides for immunohistochemical procedures.

This pen provides a thin hydrophobic film like barrier when a circle is drawn around the specimen.

This unique barrier creates the proper surface to hold antibody solution or other valuable specimens within target area on the slide.

Recommendable Applications Immunohistochemistry and Immunofluorescence Performance characteristics PEN BLOCKER contains a special formulation (Light-green clear color) that is a much higher water repellent and more stable for a long period time.

This pen is just used like a paint pen to draw a well on slide. After application the drawn circle is insoluble in alcohol and acetone, but can be removed with xylene.

PEN BLOCKER is definitely effective for immunostaining procedures by ABC method, B-SA method, Peroxidase-Antiperoxidase(PAP) method, immunofluorescence method , ASD method, Enzyme method and Frozen Section method. Only small amount of antibody solution provides high surface tension.

PEN BLOCKER is not limited to heat-retrieval method, fixation, incubation time, tissue section thickness, detection kit used, Thanks to these unique and special reagents developed by the technical properties BOOSREX have built for a long.



 Do not use product beyond the expiration date.

 Be sure to replace cap tightly after each use.

 The solvent is flammable and possibly toxic.

 Use the pen in a well ventilated area.

 This pen doesn’t contain fluorocarbons or chlorocarbons

 If swallowed harmful, it causes severe skin burns and eye damages. Keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces. No smoking. Avoid breathing dust /fume/gas/mist/vapor/spray. Wash skin after use. Wear protective glasses/ gloves/clothing/face protection.



 Minimized volumes of required reagents.

 No need to wipe off liquid around sections between the different steps.

 Various application due to heat-resistance at high temperature (Max. 220℃)

 Numerable sections on one slide and less required volume for use

 Toluene free


How to use

1. Clean the surface of slides without any contamination. (Paraffin sections should be dewaxed before use)

2. Shake it well several times.

3. Take off a cap and press felt tip down lightly on glass side several times to make it ready for the use until a flow material seen.

4. Wipe off the excess with paper towel.

5. Encircle the tissue section on a dry slide with the pen with proper pressing force.

6. Let the circle dry for about 1 ~ 2 minutes at room temperature.



 Store at room temperature (15° to 30°C).

 Store tightly capped after each use.

 Store away from heat or flames. Notice The representations of performance and suitability for use contained in this Technical data are meant as a guide. The user should take a responsibility for what he will apply it to since the performance of this film will be changed depending on the working conditions and only user is aware of it.




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