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PEN BLOCKER For Hydrophobic Barrier

#BSP-3000, #BSP-3000-S


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Product Introduction PEN BLOCKER BSP-3000 is a special performing pen used for hydrophobic barriers on glass slides for immunohistochemical procedures.

This pen provides a thin hydrophobic film like barrier when a circle is drawn around the specimen.

This unique barrier creates the proper surface to hold antibody solution or other valuable specimens within target area on the slide.

Recommendable Applications Immunohistochemistry and Immunofluorescence Performance characteristics PEN BLOCKER contains a special formulation (Light-green clear color) that is a much higher water repellent and more stable for a long period time.

This pen is just used like a paint pen to draw a well on slide. After application the drawn circle is insoluble in alcohol and acetone, but can be removed with xylene.

PEN BLOCKER is definitely effective for immunostaining procedures by ABC method, B-SA method, Peroxidase-Antip