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Product Model: TSR-200

Product Name: Test Strip Reader


  • The TSR-200 Test Strip Reader is a handheld rapid test reader, designed to scan and provide objective digital read-out results for membrane-based lateral flow immunochromatographic assays.

    The TSR-200 can make rapid, high sensitivity--in qualitative, semi-quantitative, fully quantitative measurements for immunochromatographic reagent kits.


1. A portable reader customized to your needs


2. Adaptable to most test cassette and strip formats


3. Supports a wide range of reagents as well as reagent development


4. High-sensitivity measurement with high repeatability


5. Colorimetric detection: Colloidal gold, colored latex beads, carbon etc.


6. Automatic line position detection and intensity calculation


7. The results are highly sensitive compared to human eye readings


8. OEM service is available according to diferent reagent kits or fluorescence detection


9. Internet, wireless internet function extendable


10. Small size and light weight for easy carrying


11. Simply operation with 1~3 steps quantitative detection


12. Semi-automatic detection with high speed, test time only 5s except prepare sample time


13. Automatically identify CT line position, Error correction range ±3mm


14. Accurately identify one or more( up to 4) T lines value and CT ratio


15. Large built-in memory can save 10000 records


16. External thermal printer for printing reports


17. Powerful software, build-in 2 systems software (one for the end-user, another one for the reagent manufacturer)

Test Strip Reader / TSR-200

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