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Product Model: MB100-4A / MK100-4A

Product Name: Thermo Shaker Incubator


  • The MB100-4A and MK100-4A are designed for shaking 1-4 standard 96 well plates in the thermostat mode. The MK100-4A have only incubation functions. The MB100-4A have incubation and shaking functions. A distinctive feature for the MB100-4A and MK100-4A is two-side heating of microtest plates that allows achieving exact correspondence of the set and actual temperature in wells of the microtest plates.


1. LCD display. It is easy to set up and use


2. Heating plates above and below the microplates


3. Incubation up to 70°C in 0.1°C steps


4. Shakes and incubates two or four microplates simultaneously


5. Beep-signal and stop of shaking motion after program completion


6. Excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity across the plate


7. Exact correspondence of the designed and actual temperature


8. MB series have incubation and shaking functions

Thermo Shaker Incubator / MB100-4A / MK100-4A

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