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XSelect CSH C18 columns are general purpose C18 columns that provide alternative selectivity compared to other C18 sorbents. Charged Surface Hybrid (CSH) technology enables superior peak shape and increased loading capacity for basic compounds. Packed in ultra-low dispersion hardware, 2.5 µm eXtended Performance [XP] columns enable exceptional separation performance, robustness and throughput for HPLC assays while enabling a seamless transition path toward UPLC adoption.


소비자가 대비 저렴하게 공급가능한 재고 보유분이므로, 업체 및 소비자분들께서는 반드시 재고 확인후 발주 부탁드리겠습니다.

Waters, Xselect CSH C18 2.5um, 186006729

SKU: 186006729
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