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(APPDE300) α+ Solution™ Plasmid Extraction Mini Kit


※ Principle : mini spin column (silica matrix)

※ Sample size : 1 ~ 3 ml

※ Size of plasmid or construct : < 15 kb

※ Operation time : < 25 minutes

※ Typical Yield : 20 ~ 30 μg

※ Binding capacity : 60 μg/ column

※ Column applicability : centrifugation and vaccum


Important Notes:

※ Store RNase A at -20 °C upon recipit of kit.

※ Add 0.5 ml of PD1 Buffer to a RNase A tube, Dissolve the RNase A by vortexing. Briefly spin the tube and transfer the total RNase A mixture back to the PD1 bottle, mix well by vortexing and store the PD1 buffer at 4 °C.

※ If precipitates have formed in PD2 Buffer, warm the buffer in 37°C waterbath to dissolve precipitates.

※ Preparation of Wash Buffer by adding 96 ~100% ethanol (not provided) for first use.

※ Centrifugation steps are done by a microcentrifuge capable of the speed at 11,000 ~1,8000 x g



(APPDE300) α+ Solution™ Plasmid Extraction Mini Kit

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