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Product Model: HM-3000A / HM3000C

Product Name: Bacti-Cinerator and Beads Sterilizer


  • Center High-temperature: 825°C ± 50°C
    Max-diameter of Sterilizer Goods:
          HM-3000A: Φ14mm
          HM-3000C: Φ35mm
    Length of Sterilizer:
          HM-3000A: 150mm
          HM-3000C: 100mm


1. Sterilizes needles, loops, and culture tube mouths in five to seven seconds at optimum sterilizing temperature
   of 815.6°C (1500°F) 
2. Ceramic funnel tube enclosed in stainless-steel perforated guard and stainless-steel support stand 
3. For AC220V 50/60Hz

Bacti-Cinerator and Beads Sterilizer / HM-3000A / HM3000C

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