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Product Model: Nano-300

Product Name: Micro Spectrophotometer

  • 1. The Nano-300 is a perfect full-spectrum, UV-Vis Micro-Spectrophotometer based on Nano-100 with full range of wavelength (200-800nm).
    2. The Nano-300 added a new function of bacterium cell concentration test (OD600).
    3. The Nano-300 uses 7 inch touch screen and is integrated with Android system, which do not need connect to a computer.


1. 7 inch touch screen with simple interface. No computer required


2. Android operating system with free software update


3. Only require 0.5-2ul sample to perform accurate measurements.


4. Long life’s Xenon flash lamp for up to 10 years


5. Flexible data output. The data can be printed with built-in printer, and output via USB memory stick


6. OD600 measurement, ideal for bacterial concentration measurement


7. Direct micro-volume measurement with 0.5-2ul of sample. Eliminates the need for expensive accessories.


8. Wide range of wavelength (200-800nm)


9. Turn on and instantly measure without lamp warm up time; Full scan capability from 200-800nm with 6 sec.


10. Switch off automatically when the machine is idle for more than 5mins, and awake by touching the screen.

Micro Spectrophotometer / Nano-300

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