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Product Model: Mini-ES

Product Name: Mini-Electrophoresis System


  • Mini-ES Mini Electrophoresis System is specifically designed for DNA and RNA electrophoresis. Voltages 35V / 50V / 100V, compact, lightweight and easy to operate are its features.
    1. Mini-ES1: AC100~120V 50~60Hz
    2. Mini-ES2: AC220~240V with transformer 50~60Hz
    3. Output Power: DC35V/DC50V/DC100V


1. Input Power: AC100~120V 50~60Hz or AC220~240V with transformer 50~60Hz
2. Output Power: DC35V/DC50V/DC100V
3. Bath Dimensions (WxDxH): 110x121x43mm
4. Volume of Bath: 230ml
5. Construction of Bath: PC+ABS with high temperature resistance
6. Max.Power:40W
7. Timer range:1min~99min
8. Overall Dimensions (WxDxH):190x130x60mm

Mini-Electrophoresis System / Mini-ES

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