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Product Model: Auto-Pure16A

Product Name: Nucleic Acid Purification System


  • Auto-Pure16A is a miniaturized magnetic bead method nucleic acid extraction and purification instrument, which is developed on the basis of Auto-pure20B and Auto-pure32A. A Auto-pure16A can accept 16 samples at most simultaneously, maximum sample volume is 1ml.


1. 4.3 inch touch screen, easy to use.

2. Temperature and protocols can be edited and saved according to different reagent requirements.

3. Short operation time: 15~40min per run

4. High yield of nucleic acid with low magnetic bead loss and good repeatability of results.

5. UV disinfection, avoid cross contamination.

6. Open system which can apply to different magnetic bead extraction reagent.

7. APP software (Android system) which can monitor the system in real time through mobile device.

8. Using the PC software, user operate easily the machine.

9. Screw rod design which guarantee high operating accuracy; large guide rail design makes the structure more reliable.

10. With QR code identification function, special reagent can be recognized, no need to program or obtain protocols.

11. Small volume, suitable for extraction on site.

Nucleic Acid Purification System / Auto-Pure16A

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