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Product Model: Auto-Pure20B

Product Name: Nucleic Acid Purification System


  • Auto-Pure32A/Auto-Pure20A/Auto-Pure20B is a device for DNA and RNA purification by using magnetic separation technology from different samples, such as blood, cultured cells or bacteria, tissues, cell-free body fluids and plant samples. The device is capable of using magnetic rods to transfer particles through the various purification phases of binding, mixing, washing and elution, offering a solution with minimized hands-on time. The DNA and RNA purification is of high quality and high molecular weight.


1. Easily to use with 7 inch touch screen
2. Very simple operation (easy to install, operate, maintain) without computer
3. Very fast extraction protocol, 15~40 minutes / cycle depending on sample type and method
4. Universal built-in program for easy using and high purity and excellent yield of nucleic acid
5. UV lamp to avoid cross contamination
6. Open system can optimize purification proposal according to various magnetic beads kits
7. Drawer design to prevent possible injuries
8. Capable of extracting 1~20 samples or 1~32samples per run, and process samples up to 1ml, 3ml and 5ml


Process samples up to 1ml, 3ml or 5ml
  With the Auto-Pure series can process up to 32 samples per run when the working volume is up to 1ml. With the ability to change the instrument configuration, the customers can elevate the sample processing volume up to 3ml or 5ml to obtain higher yields of the purified product, and the throughput up to 20 samples.


Special features for Auto-Pure20B
1.Patented design for 5ml tubes strip
2.Process samples up to 5ml and Max.sample volume 2ml
4.Patented design for line-mixing the sample, it’s good for cell free fetal DNA and next-generation sequencing technology and non-invasive prenatal diagnosis

Nucleic Acid Purification System / Auto-Pure20B

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