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Q2000C Real-Time PCR System


1、Powerful peltier technology
2、T-optical technology
3、Articulating display screen
4、Synchronous detection
5、self-containd touch screen
6、Patented optical design
7、Long life LED
8、Gradient function remote control
9、Drawer design
10、Lifetime free for software upgraded


Model / Q 2000C

                 Instrument Performance

Sample Block Capacity / 96wells*0.1ml

Reaction Volume / 10-50ul

Tubes Option / White or clear PCR tubes or strips or 96well                                        PCR piate,with optical flat cap

Heating&Cooling Technology / Peltier technonlong                                                                                         allow1,000,000 thermal cycles

Control Methods / Operated via PC or self-contaiend touch                                               screen on instrument

Language / Englisn

Communications / USB2.0or LAN

Display / 10"Colcr TFT LCD and Touch Screen,view angle                                 adjustable

Max.Number of programs / Max.15,000 programs                                                                                     onboard,unlimited storage of                                                                     pretocols with USB flash drive


Block Temp.Range / 0~105℃

Max.Heating Rate / 6℃/sec

Max.Cooling Rate / 5℃/sec

Temp.Uniformity / ≤±0.2℃ (at 90℃)

Temp.Accuracy / ≤±0.2℃ (at 90℃)

Display Resolution / 0.1℃

Heat Lid Temp.Rage / 30℃~112℃

Temp.Control Mode / Block & Calculated sample

Gradient Range / 30℃-100℃

Temp.differential Range / 1℃-30℃

Fluorescence Detection

Excitation / Long life LED lanps

Detection / CCDs

Dynamic Range / 1-10 10

Sensitivity / ≥1 copy

Calibrated Dyes at installation / F1:FAM、SYBRGreen

                                                                  F2:VIC、HEX、JOE、CY3、                                                                             NED


                                                                  F4 :CY5



Fluorescence Excitation Range / 300-800nm

Fluorescence Detection Range / 500-800nm

Date Export Formats / Excel、TXT

Other Features

AC Power Supply / 100-240V,50-60Hz

Consupmtion / 600W

Net Weight /13kg

Dimension(L*W*H) / 334*280*365mm

Computer Operating Systems / Windows10、Windows7、                                                                          WindowsXP


Real-Time PCR System / Q2000C

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