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Product Model: SealBio-2

Product Name: Semi-Automated Plate Sealer


  • The SealBio-2 Plate Sealer is a semi-automatic thermal sealer which is ideal for the low to medium throughput laboratory that requires uniformand consistent sealing of micro-plates.
    1. With a small footprint (178×370mm), takes up less precious bench space than comparable instruments
    2. Available with a variety of available heat seals meet any laboratory application, including PCR, coulorimetric, fluorescence, long term storage, low emperature storage
    3. Formart different micro well plates and heat seals.



1.Format different micro well plates and heat seals

2.Adjustable Sealing Temperature: 80 - 200°C

3.OLED display screen, high light and no visual angle limit

4.Precise temperature, timing and pressure for consistent sealing

5.Automatic counting function

6.Plate adapters allow use of virtually any ANSI microplate or PCR plate

7.Motorized drawer and motorized sealing platen guarantee consistent good results

8.Compact footprint: only 178mm wide x 370mm depth

9.Power requirments: AC120V or AC220V


Energy Saving Functions

1.When the SealBio-2 is left idle more than 60min, it will automatically switch into stand-by mode during when the temperature of the heating element is reduced to 60°C to save energy
2.When the SealBio-2 is left idle more than 120min, it will switch off automatically for safe. It will switch off the display and the heating element. then, the user can awaken the machine by pushing any button



Sealing time and temperature can be set by using the control knob, OLED display screen, high light and no visual angle limit.
1.Sealing time and temperature
2.Sealing pressure can be adjustable
3.Automatic counting function



1.If a hand or objects stuck in the drawer when it’s moving, the drawer motor will automatically reverse. This feature prevents injury to the user and the unit
2.Special and smart design on the drawer, it can be detached from the main device. So user can maintain or clean the heating element easily

Semi-Automated Plate Sealer / SealBio-2

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